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If you're a smoker planning on visiting or living in NYC, it's important to know what's legal. Click here to learn.

The legalization of weed has been a hot topic for many years, and finally, the law changed to allow people over 21 to buy it legally. 

Still, if you’re a smoker planning on visiting or living in NYC, it’s important to know what’s legal and what’s not.

New York City is home to one of the more progressive marijuana laws in the country, making it easier than ever before for citizens to enjoy their favorite plant.

is weed legal in nyc

The laws concerning weed in New York City are constantly changing, and the history of weed laws in New York City is long and complicated. 

In this post, we will explain the basics of New York City weed laws so you can avoid any trouble with the boys in blue.

Is Weed Legal in NYC?

Many people are wondering if weed is legal in NYC. The answer is yes! There are many ways to buy weed legally in New York City. 

Let us explain the different laws that apply to recreational marijuana and medical marijuana throughout the city.

Recreational NYC Laws

Recreational marijuana is finally legal in New York City after years of failed attempts and stalled efforts. 

State lawmakers approved a bill on Tuesday that will make it possible to sell weed legally, opening up one of the nation’s largest markets for this formerly illegal drug.

The new cannabis laws in New York City make it easier than ever before for adults to enjoy the plant. 

Now you can possess up to three ounces of marijuana or 24 grams (or less)of concentrated THC products such as oils derived from a cannabis plant – all without having any criminal penalties.

Still, there are some boundaries on the use of weed. You must be 21 years or older under the new law.

The most important rule to remember is to not drive while high. This can be treated as driving under the influence. Please consult with your lawyer for more information and advice. 

Medical NYC Laws

Medical marijuana has been legally available to New Yorkers through the state’s medical marijuana program since 2014. 

Medical Cannabis is now more accessible, with new laws expanding eligibility for certification and increasing prescriptions from 30 days max in previous years up past 60!

Almost anyone who needs it can get a prescription at one of many dispensaries across NY or order some online direct shipped right over – no doctor required anymore.

Additionally, medical marijuana patients will soon be able to grow up to six plants at once. 

Medical marijuana companies in NYC will be allowed to transition to hybrid dispensaries offering recreational and medical services. These companies have fought hard for this right to avoid losing huge business to all the newer dispensaries that will soon be competing. 

Where to Buy It - Legally

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History of NYC Weed Legalization

Medical marijuana has been legally available in NYC through the State’s medical marijuana program since 2014 under the Compassionate Care Act

Since then, there have been at least a dozen updates of expansions to the Medical Marijuana Program in NYC. 

In 2019, New York came very close to creating a recreational marijuana system, but agreements were not able to be made in order to pass it through the legislative process. 

A bill decriminalizing weed in New York, however, did make it through and was signed into law in 2019.

In 2021, New York passed the Marihuana Regulation Taxation Act and made purchasing, possessing, and transporting up to 3 ounces legal for adults 21 and older.

Where Can I Smoke?

Some New Yorkers tend to smoke wherever and whenever they want, but there are laws around here that we recommend you abide by. 

Smoking in public is frowned upon by the NYPD, so lighting up on your stoop or in a green space is not well tolerated. There are certain places throughout the city where it is legal to smoke.

  • Since July 2014 smoking weed is legal in private residences.
  • Medical marijuana use in hospitals and dispensaries across the state is allowed.
  • Some recreational dispensaries will soon be given their licenses for legal smoking in designated areas.
  • You can also light up at 4/20 Festivals throughout the city – These events will often be given special permits to protect their guests.

What Legalization Means for Residents

New York’s City Council is looking to fully legalize marijuana, a move intended to end racial disparities in cannabis arrests.

In 2016, black New Yorkers were arrested on low-level cannabis charges at 8 times the rate of white New Yorkers, even though they use cannabis as much as their white counterparts,

according to new data from the state Division of Criminal Justice Services cited by the New York Times.

The reason it has taken two years for New York to fully make recreational weed legal is that lawmakers needed to address these racial disparities and implement a plan. 

Decriminalization was a vital first step to decrease the number of arrests. Now, we will see how our fully implemented recreational marijuana system plays out.

NYC Marijuana Laws - Bottom Line

Just like the rest of New York, we’ve been eagerly awaiting this day. Now that it’s finally here, you can get your weed legally for medical and recreational purposes in NYC.

But what does legalization really mean? That information is still up to debate as officials figure out how licenses will be issued and where dispensaries are going to be located. 

For now though, there are some rules set in place that each store has to follow. As a customer, you don’t have anything to worry about at a trusted dispensary. 

If you’re looking for the best spot to purchase your legal marijuana products, choose GiftedBk. We only sell high-quality flower that comes from farms approved by our team of experts so you can enjoy cannabis guilt-free.

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